Top 10 Chinese Startups to Watch in 2021

China’s Startup Environment

During the first 8 months of 2020, startups in China raised ~$33B.

  • JD Health ($830MM)
  • Electric carmaker Xpeng ($500MM) — which also held a successful IPO on the NYSE during the 3rd quarter
  • Grocery delivery company Miss Fresh ($495MM)
  • EdTech company ($450MM)
  • Internet retail company Xiauhongshu ($450MM)
  • MedTech company MicroPort Medical Robots ($432MM)
  • Discount grocery company Yipin Shengxian ($353MM)
  • China’s Financial Stability and Development Committee put out a statement about the need to “include all financial activities into the regulatory framework.”
  • Chinese bank regulator Guo Wuping similarly wrote that Alibaba’s credit card and loan products are no different from those issued by banks (NYT). They therefore should be regulated the same way, he said.

How Did I Choose This Top 10?

2020 dramatically accelerated the adoption curve for grocery delivery, deepened consumer reliance on eCommerce and logistics, and made Chinese consumers much more aware of and concerned about their health.

The Top 10 Chinese Startups to Watch

  1. Geek+: Logistics and Robots for Warehouses
  • Series B: March 2019 ($306MM)
  • Series A: August 2018 (Not disclosed)

Honorable Mentions

Perfect Diary: DTC Beauty Brand

What Chinese Startups Did I Miss?

I’m sure I missed quite a few prolific, fast-growing Chinese startups. Let me know which ones on Twitter at @amitch5903!

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