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For those who have been reading my writing for a while, the fact that I’m a key advisor for an EdTech company, called Bullseye, shouldn’t be a huge surprise. You know that I love side hustles and you also know that I think the current state of college is incredibly broken.

As I’ve thought about this problem more over the past few months and connected with a founder as passionate about this problem as I am, I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer. I had to take action.

The only question was where to jump in on this massive problem?

What part of the process is most broken, most confusing, most stressful, and most in need of a better way?

Feedback, Feedback, and More Feedback

Instead of guessing where to jump in and build an MVP (minimum viable product), we talked to LOTS of people and not just students.

In the early days of Bullseye, both Brian (Bullseye founder) and I talked with hundreds of students, parents, college counselors, admissions officers, and elite private advisors. In addition, we surveyed close to 500 recent college applicants and high school students.

From all of these conversations, several strong signals started to emerge from all of the noise:

  • Colleges applications are a project management nightmare: The combination of different due dates, countless unique requirements, excessive numbers of supplemental essays, and the need to navigate to each school’s uniquely formatted website to find information created the perfect storm for both students and parents.
  • Access to help is incredibly inconsistent: While the most affluent students can afford elite tutors (often charging more than $400/hour) to review their essays and application, almost everyone else is left to fend for themselves. Even at prep schools, the ratio of students to counselors is 50:1; at public schools, it’s more like 250:1 (if you’re lucky).
  • Stress and anxiety are everpresent: It is no surprise, but managing 10–15 distinct applications and more than 30 essays doesn’t exactly create a feeling of calm. Almost every student and parent we talked with mentioned the constant anxiety that lasted almost the entire duration of the student’s senior year. Beginning with the need to write a mountain of essays to apply to college, to the countless revisions and rounds of feedback (for the lucky ones), to the waiting and hoping, the anxiety simply doesn’t let up.

For these key reasons and several others, we decided to build Bullseye to help with applying to college, specifically attacking the management nightmare and providing universal access to help.

How Bullseye Helps

1. One Place View Due Dates, Requirements, Essay Prompts, and More: Sure it sounds simple, but today there is simply no single place to manage all of your college applications. With Bullseye, you can quickly and easily add the schools you’re applying to, see their due dates, requirements, essays, and more. All with one consistent format, one place to check, and one place to track. Best of all, it’s FREE.

2. Track Your Progress With Bullseye: In addition to providing all of the information you need for your college applications, Bullseye provides a simple way to track your progress on the entire application. Did you submit your test scores and transcript to Brown yet? Did you send your recommendation letters to Cal yet? With Bullseye, you can track all application requirements in one place, no more confusion.

3. Access to Help When You Need It From Bullseye Mentors: Bullseye doesn’t only help with the organization part of applying to college, but also helps by connecting you with recent top graduates from the schools you’re applying to.

Planning on applying to Michigan? (P.S. Go Blue!) On Bullseye, you can find many recent graduates who can help you in a few key ways: Strategic Application Planning, Essay Review, Financial Aid/Scholarship Guidance, and more! Hundreds of mentors are only a click away with Bullseye.

Helping Everyone From the Start

Both Brian and I strongly believe in leveling the college application playing field. It’s for this reason that we’re making the core management features of Bullseye free to all students.

Additionally, for every 3 essay reviews purchased on Bullseye, we’ll be donating 1 essay review to public school students without the means to afford our services.

Finally, we plan to consistently offer both digital webinar and in-person college preparation sessions throughout the year. These will always be free.

Learn More About Bullseye

Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/BullseyeKickstarter

^^^ P.S. Even if you aren’t applying to college, you can donate any amount to help an applicant with financial needs!

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