Top 10 Latin American Startups to Watch in 2021

Latin America’s Startup Environment

Similar to every other region around the world, Latin America was impacted heavily by the Coronavirus pandemic. By Summer 2020, data was starting to emerge from surveys of LatAm startups:

  • 25% reported a neutral impact to existing business
  • 33% reported that the impact was good or very good for existing business
  • 17% reported a neutral impact to new business
  • 57% reported that the impact was good or very good for new business
  • Ayenda Hotels, a Colombian low-cost hotel chain, supported Airbnb’s Frontline Stays program in Colombia to provide free and subsidized homes for healthcare professionals and frontline responders
  • Ualá, an Argentine personal financial management mobile app, donated ~$600k to the Argentine Red Cross to purchase critical medical supplies. Ualá also enabled its users to donate to the Red Cross directly through the app, and postponed installments for loans for 30 days.
  • Zinobe, a Colombian fintech focused on credit origination, was approved for a $30m credit facility by Monachil Capital Partners specifically for loans destined to Colombian citizens impacted by the social isolation measures.

How Did I Choose This Top 10?

2020 was an incredibly unique year for startups around the world. The disruption caused by the pandemic led to some startups thriving by design, some failing by design, and others having to fight to completely redefine their business.

The Top 10 Latin American Startups to Watch

  1. Addi: Credit for Online Purchases

Honorable Mentions

Ubits: Online Learning Platform

What Latin American Startups Did I Miss?

I’m sure I missed quite a few prolific, fast-growing Latin American startups. Let me know which ones on Twitter at @amitch5903!

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