Top 10 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2021

Israel’s Startup Environment

As the COVID pandemic raged around the world in 2020, online traffic and activity increased dramatically. Everyone was stuck at home, working from home, learning from home, and living life (almost exclusively) at home.

Source: YL Ventures

How Did I Choose This Top 10?

For this list of Israeli startups to watch in 2021, I focused on industries that demonstrated rapid growth and adaptability in 2020 and are poised to continue that growth into 2021 (Cyber for example).

The Top 10 Israeli Startups to Watch

  1. ActiveFence: Malicious Content Detection at Scale

Honorable Mentions

Wiliot: Battery Free Bluetooth Tags

What Israeli Startups Did I Miss?

I’m sure I missed quite a few prolific, fast-growing Israeli startups. Let me know which ones on Twitter at @amitch5903!

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