The Top 10 Newsletters for Product Managers

Alex Mitchell
8 min readAug 9, 2020

Earlier this year, I launched a newsletter for The Modern Product Manager.

Over the past 16 editions, we’ve seen more than a 5x growth in subscribers and have covered topics ranging from Interviewing During a Pandemic to Activating Your Creativity to Creating Optionality.

Sound interesting? Sign up here and never stop leveling up:

Modern Product Manager Newsletter

As part of creating my newsletter, I subscribed to a LOT of newsletters on technology, startups, and Product Management. This post features the newsletters I’ve found most helpful and I believe Product Managers of all levels (including aspiring PMs) would learn a lot from too.

So please check these newsletters out below and level up as a PM (or find your path into the career with their help).

Top Newsletters For PMs (Of All Levels)

1. Morning Brew — Emerging Tech

Why I Like It: Morning Brew — Emerging Tech brings you Morning Brew’s high-quality content, tangible and accessible insights, and the latest in the world of tech. Delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you’ll never be far from “what’s next” with Morning Brew!

Not sure about subscribing? Check out the latest issue here: The Latest on Morning Brew’s Emerging Tech

2. Lenny’s Newsletter

Lenny Rachitsky was a former Growth PM at Airbnb (he spent 7 years there) after his startup Localmind was acquired by the company. He also has a deep engineering background, with stops at Neustar and Webmetrics.

Why I Like It: Lenny’s perspective makes his eponymous newsletter a fun read and one that will be sure…



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