The Best Pandemic-Era Blog Posts from Product Managers

Alex Mitchell
7 min readJan 21, 2021

Even though 2020 is now (thankfully!) behind us, there is a lot that we as Product Managers can learn from a year that changed so much, challenged so many of our beliefs, changed our ways of working, and reshaped our organizations.

Whether it is Learning to Act Like a Wartime PM, Roadmapping Remotely, or Keeping Your Customers at the Center of Everything You Do, many Product people wrote seriously inspirational blog posts last year.

Learn from their knowledge and position yourself to better react and adapt in a future that is far from predictable!

The Best Pandemic-Era Blog Posts from Product Managers

1. What 2020 Has Taught the Product World

Why I Like It: Like it or not, you learned a lot in 2020. You learned in the early days of the pandemic that toilet paper is a commodity, you learned that Zoom is actually a verb, and you learned that you can adapt to just about anything.

Product School does a great job diving into all of the things we as Product Managers learned in 2020 and how those learnings will benefit us going forward.

Lean into that optimism!

2. You Are Now a Wartime Product Manager

Why I Like It: Hopefully, the pandemic proves to be the largest crisis most of us will face in our lives. However, it will almost certainly not be the last professional crisis you face.

Learn how you can identify and manage crises and how you can pivot from a “peacetime” to a “wartime” Product Manager. It comes down to critical evaluation, acceleration of decisions, and simplifying your world. Be more ready for the next crisis.

Disclaimer: The author of this post wrote You Are Now a Wartime Product Manager

3. Working Remotely? 5 Ways



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