Products I Can’t Live Without #4:

Alex Mitchell
8 min readApr 1, 2020

Recently, I’ve written about Fullstory, Calendly, and Figma as 3 of my favorite products and 3 products I would be very sad to live without.

Today, I wanted to write about a product I love because of its incredible effort-to-value ratio:

Before we dive in, check out those past posts, especially if you aren’t using these 3 products yet!

A quick reminder: The bar is very high for products in this series. The products I’m featuring aren’t only indispensable; they’re so valuable that I’d be a significantly less effective Product Manager + Leader without them.

I would be very very disappointed (and very angry) if they did not exist.

A Little History on was founded by Mahmoud Felfel and Syed Ahmed in August 2016. Initially, they launched a Chrome extension that allowed you to listen to any Medium story.

This launch was featured on ProductHunt the week of 10/1/16 and got a TON of upvotes (1,614!)



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