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What is Disrupt Yourself?

We are living in a period of massive, unbelievable, and relentless change.

Work is Changing

A college graduate who graduates after 2010 will work for close to 3 companies in their first 5 years of employment, compared to 1.75 for a graduate during the 1980’s (LinkedIn).

Businesses Are Changing

  • Port Operations (-58% since 2007)
  • Professional Employer Organizations (-48% since 2007)
  • Savings Institutions/Retail Banking (-46% since 2007)

Success Is Changing

Retirement Is Changing

How to Keep Up?

How Can I Learn More About Disrupt Yourself?

How Can I Pre-Order Disrupt Yourself?

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What Chapter Sounds Most Interesting?

As I put the final touches on Disrupt Yourself, I’d love to hear what chapter sounds most interesting to you.

Interested in Helping With Disrupt Yourself?

Complete this short survey and I’ll find a way for you to help out, whether it’s as a contributor, an editor, or a chapter author!

Building Digital Products

Alex is also the Author of Building Digital Products, a handbook for Product Managers.



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Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell

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