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It’s a difficult (and crowded) job market out there…

Most weeks during the pandemic, I’ve spent between 5 and 10 hours coaching and mentoring aspiring Product Managers and Product Managers seeking their next challenge.

P.S. If you’re looking for coaching/mentorship, you can find more on offerings from The Modern Product Manager here: Coaching and Mentoring with The Modern Product Manager

Almost everyone I meet with has a compelling background, unique stories, and can almost certainly add tremendous value at the right company.

However, almost everyone is also struggling with simply standing out.

How can you possibly hope to stand out from the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of other people applying for that coveted Product Manager role? …

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A/B Testing + Product Management

Product Managers develop hypotheses on an almost daily basis. It’s a critical part of the job.

They develop hypotheses about new features, changes to UX, even the specific copy that best conveys to a customer what the customer should do next.

Many times, however, especially at smaller companies or startups, these changes are simply “rolled out” or deployed to 100% of visitors/users/customers without a second thought.

However, this can result in several significant problems:

  • You can never definitively measure the impact of the change.

Because many changes often happen at the same time, including changes outside of your product features and functionality (seasonality, user mix, etc.), you cannot determine the impact of one specific change without these other variables confounding your analysis. …

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Over the past decade, the Product Management career has grown incredibly quickly and has become very, very popular.

In 2018 alone, job openings for Product Managers grew 30% (LinkedIn) and both Product Management and Product Development were among the most in-demand skills on LinkedIn.

But, it’s also becoming harder than ever for aspiring Product Managers to break in! Many Associate or Junior Product Manager roles either explicitly or implicitly require some Product experience.

“Wait…I need Product experience for a Junior Product role where I’m supposed to learn more about Product and build my Product skills!?”

Sounds a bit like a catch-22! …

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