6 Years Later… “10 Bold Technology Predictions for the Next 10 Years”

Alex Mitchell
12 min readMay 21, 2022

4 years is (still) a long time horizon for technology

Nearly 6 years ago, I made 10 bold tech predictions for the next 10 years. Let’s check in and see how I’m doing more than halfway to the end date!

My original post for reference (4/3/2016) and my 5/11/20 update:

Here’s how I’m evaluating my predictions:

Achieved: Milestone has been achieved!

Probable: I believe this prediction has a >75% chance of being right

Possible: I believe this prediction has a 25–75% chance of being right

At Risk: I believe this prediction has a <25% chance of being right

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May 2022 Update — Top 10 Predictions

1. Wireless Charging will be as prevalent as WiFi was in 2016

This isn’t what I mean by wireless…

Original Theory (2016): There are over 118 million WiFi hotspots in the world today. It’s hard to not find WiFi today. In 10 years, true wireless charging, led by companies like Ossia, will have a similar penetration. No more searching for outlets, fumbling with cords…



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