6 Ways Anyone Can Invest in AI

Alex Mitchell
5 min readJun 2, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has consistently been one of the biggest stories in tech.

It’s hard to go more than 3 stories on TechCrunch, 3 products on ProductHunt, or 3 startups on AngelList without coming across this buzzword.

SenseTime (the biggest AI startup by funding in China) technology on display in April 2018

While we can debate when AI is going to take our jobs, the types of problems AI can and can’t solve, or how long it takes for AI to kill us all, one aspect of AI that’s hard to debate is that it’s growing rapidly.

This rapid growth is happening in:


SenseTime, China’s biggest AI startup just raised $620MM at a $4.5B valuation.

Number of Companies

There has been a 14x increase since 2000.


Share of jobs requiring AI skills has increased by 4.5x since 2013.

Need more proof of AI’s growth?

Check out 10 unbelievable charts here: 10 Charts that Will Change Your Perspective on AI

Up and to the right.

And like anything that’s growing, there is the opportunity to invest and make money.

AI will touch everything…eventually.

6 Ways You Can Invest in AI Today

1. Purchase an Artificial Intelligence “Motif” (or build your own) on MotifInvesting.com

Motif Investing is a do-it-yourself builder for theme-based investments. In addition to AI, you can find many different related fields/themes. With…



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